How Can We Treat Depression

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Well before treating a mental disorder, we should actually understand that what is it. So basically, DEPRESSION is a state of mind which actually leads the mood by causing a persistent feeling of negativity, lack of interests, sadness etc,


I personally feel depression is a mixture of 2 words

  • DEEP

Deep impressions from a very long period again and again by any particular precipitating factor that leads the automatic numeral thoughts mostly negative thoughts. And it affects that how you FEEL, THINK and BEHAVE

Now if we talk about the mostly serious things that how we can treat depression then there are only two ways to treat it i.e.

• Counselling

• Medications

Let’s talk about the very first part i.e.


During counselling sessions, it is very important part to listen to the patient known as ventilation of patient.

It us very important to build that trust on patient (rapport building) Trust leads to open the mind and words of patient where he/she feels very light and relaxed.

On the next part we focus on the thinking of the patient that we cannot change the situation so better the change the thoughts which will lead to better thinking.

Then the thinking’s and thoughts i.e., positive thoughts lead or positive behaviour though the patient was seeking for. JPMR (Jacobson progressive muscle relaxation technique)

It helps the patient to relax all the muscles of the body and during this exercise patient is asked to focus on his breathe.

Mindful meditation

In this patient is asked to focus on a particular body part/breathe usually instead of automatic negative thoughts.

Counselling’s are important but medications are also important because a therapist cannot be with the patient always. So, the medications help the patient in hard times (sos) and to correct/ relax the nervous pattern it is very helpful many of the times.

It can be easily subsided by our well-maintained daily routine.

Eat well, do exercise Drink well, do not criticize.

Thank you

Dr. Lata Bishht Grover

(M.D.E.H) (B.H.M.S.)

Best doctor for depression in Punjab