Counselling Therapy Near Me

Counselling forms a very important part at our clinic. For people suffering from stress, depression, OCD, anxiety etc, it helps us to understand the problem in detail and do a psychological analysis of the root cause of problem.

We practice cognitive behaviour therapy, solution focussed therapy and rational emotive behaviour therapy for different problems. The results in clients are in range of 97 per cent improvement. It helps fasten the process of recovery after which a person can go back to his normal life. This also helps in reducing cost of overall treatment.

We have a qualified team of professionals who help clients in a scientific way. Each session lasts for 45 – 60 minutes

Dr Priyanka Kalra is psychiatrist online counselling ready to listen and support your journey towards mental well-being

Some of immediate benefits that you experience after 2 or 3 sessions will be :

  • Reduction in Burden of emotions
  • Physical wellbeing and overall quality of life improved
  • Easier to cope with people and yourself
  • Reduction in OCD symptoms, panic attacks, continuous stress
  • Confidence and motivation in life

Counselling Therapy Near Me


What is mental health counseling?
Mental health counseling is a form of therapy that helps individuals who are experiencing emotional, behavioral, or mental health challenges. It involves a collaborative process between a trained mental health professional and the individual seeking help, with the goal of improving mental well-being and addressing specific concerns.

How can mental health counseling help me?
Mental health counseling can help you by providing support, guidance, and tools to cope with emotional and mental health issues. It can help you gain insight into your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, develop healthy coping skills, improve communication and relationships, and work through challenging life situations. Counseling can also provide a safe space to express yourself, process emotions, and work towards personal growth and positive change.

How long does a counseling session typically last?
Counseling sessions typically last around 45-60 minutes, although the duration may vary depending on the therapist and the individual’s needs. The frequency and duration of counseling sessions can be discussed and agreed upon between the therapist and the individual.

What can I expect in my first counseling session?
In your first counseling session, your therapist will typically conduct an intake assessment, which involves gathering information about your personal history, current concerns, and goals for therapy. You may be asked to share about your symptoms, medical history, family background, and any other relevant information. It’s also an opportunity for you to ask questions, share your expectations, and establish a therapeutic relationship with your therapist.