Anger Management

Best Anger Management Therapy

At Global wellness Centre, we try to identify stressors and help decrease the emotional and psychologist arousal. A team of therapists helps the client to control reactions and respond to a social situation in an appropriate way.

Basic Causes of Anger

1. Internal events such as frustration , failure or high expectations

2. External events such as a financial loss or public humiliation

Children can display tantrums or verbal arguments when in anger. Increased aggression is a response that helps to fight off threats. We believe it is important persuasive speech to find the roots of anger that can be a serious mental health issue or an emotional one.

We provide our client with a controlled platform for recovery where he learns to release his or her emotions in a positive and constructive way rather than negative and destructive. We encourage them to examine the circumstances that trigger their anger issues and become aware of the same.

They are taught the signs to identify such situations and a clear road map is made in conjugation with the therapist.

Regular counselling with anxiety controlling techniques can result in a significant anger management.

Our therapists will teach you meditation, breathing exercises during tense situations, relaxation strategy and we’ll be building an anger diary to improve self-awareness.

Best Anger Management Therapy

How to cope with anger?

Here are some of the methods:
Practice meditation and yoga
Do deep breathing exercises
Speak out all that is in your mind after you are calm
Before you speak in anger, analyse what you are speaking
Think before getting angry, that is the topic even relevant to you
Take some time off and be in a space which is calm and peaceful
When angry, don’t think about problems but a solution
Don’t carry the baggage of people with yourself and forgive them
Seek the help of a counsellor.


Why do I need anger management?
Anger is a normal human emotion, but when it is not managed properly, it can lead to negative consequences such as strained relationships, poor mental health, and even physical health issues. Anger management can help individuals learn how to express and process their anger in healthier ways.

What are the signs that I may need anger management?
Signs that you may need anger management could include frequent outbursts of anger, difficulty controlling anger, feeling overwhelmed by anger, engaging in aggressive behavior, experiencing strained relationships due to anger, and feeling regret or guilt after expressing anger.

How can anger management help me?
Anger management can help you by teaching you techniques to better understand and manage your anger. It can help you identify triggers, develop coping strategies, improve communication skills, and learn how to express anger in healthier ways, leading to improved relationships and better emotional well-being.

What are some common anger management techniques?
There are various techniques that can be used for anger management, such as deep breathing, mindfulness, cognitive restructuring (changing negative thought patterns), assertive communication, problem-solving skills, and stress reduction techniques