Are you not sleeping well? Is your mind always stressed? Don’t want to talk to anyone or eat anything? Then you should probably take a consult

Can depression be cured?
Yes, it can be. I believe with the right approach, counseling sessions and medication, we see wonderful results at our centre. More than 95 per cent clients report benefits from CBT and SFBT counseling sessions . Each session is of 45 minutes where you can discuss in detail your problems and get the right answer and reduce your problem significantly in just 7 to 10 days.

Dr. Priyanka Kalra is counsellor for depression in ludhiana 

I believe therapy sessions form an integral part of treating depression. On an average a person in depression looses 50 percent of his capacity to work and maintain his relations with family.

But with right counseling sessions with an experienced therapist, a client is able to have proper sleep and cognition and doesn’t loose out on any moment of life.

Q : How much time is given for counseling session ?

A : A typical CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) session at clinic is of 45 minutes where you can discuss your problem. Sessions are adjusted according to needs and timing of clients.

Q : I have been taking medication from a lot of time and have changed a lot of doctors. Can I also benefit from Global Wellness Centre?
A: Yes, I believe only medication can help to an extent but therapy sessions are very important for any client to reduce symptoms.
Even need of medication is reduced when the underlying cause of depression is resolved. Our approach is to treat the problem not the person.

Q : My family does not believe I have depression and does not support me. What can I do?
A : At Global wellness, I believe each clients need are different. All sessions are confidential and client oriented. Though family is very important, still adult clients can benefit from talking to their therapist without support of family. We see that families start supporting when a person gets proper treatment and shows less signs.

Q : Who can have depression?
A : In today’s age of fast moving life and digital dependence on mobiles, any body can have depression. It is not a problem that cannot be resolved. Having depression is not bad, but not getting treatment from a doctor results in worsening.

Q : what are symptoms of depression?
A : Depression can present different symptoms, depending on the person. But for most people, depressive disorder changes how they function day-to-day, and typically for more than two weeks.

  Changes in sleep

Changes in sleep

  Changes in appetite

  Lack of concentration

  Loss of energy

  Lack of interest in activities

  Hopelessness or guilty thoughts

  Changes in movement (less activity or agitation)

  Physical aches and pains

  Suicidal thoughts


What causes depression?

Depression is typically caused by a combination of genetic, biochemical, environmental, and psychological factors. It can be triggered by stressful life events, such as a loss or trauma, or it may have no apparent cause.

Dr. Priyanka Kalra offers expert depression counseling services in Ludhiana, providing compassionate support and guidance for those seeking help nearby