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Dr Priyanka Kalra is practicing as a Psychiatrist at Global Wellness, 127, I – Block, Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana, and has done her MD from GMCH, Chandigarh. She is a senior Psychiatrist and has experience of more than 10 years from DMC, Ludhiana, and Deep Hospital, Ludhiana. She has been rated as the Best Psychiatrist in Ludhiana for the past 5 years (Source bestratedcom). She specializes in cases of depression, stress, sleep problems, OCD and anxiety for adults and autism, hyperactivity and learning disability for children.

She believes that mental health problems can be resolved very well through counselling, medication and lifestyle changes. At Global Wellness, there is an experienced team of psychologists who handle all cases with counselling through CBT, DBT, and REBT.

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We emphasize patient education, preventive health advice, and patient involvement in health care. A comprehensive health plan is outlined in our preventive screening handout.



Depression is a very common problem and very much treatable like other medical conditions


Anxiety is a feeling of worry , fear and unease in the body and mind.They can be related to an event or a trigger.


Stress can be caused by changes in normal daily life. Main causes of stress are work pressure, ineffective communication or personal relationships


We practice cognitive behaviour therapy, solution focussed therapy and rational emotive therapy for different problems.


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a chronic disorder where a person has uncontrollable, reoccurring thoughts (obsessions)

Sleep Problem

Sleep disturbance is the most common symptom of stress, depression, anxiety etc. Daytime distress can make it harder to complete daily tasks.


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Our diverse team of experienced psychiatrists is here to provide you with personalized treatment, helping you navigate your journey to a healthier mind and happier life

Dr. Samta

MA In Counselling Psychology

Dr. Amarjeet Kaur

MA in Psychology

Prithvi Padam

MA In Psychology

dr. deepika singh

Dr. Deepika Singh

Diploma In Mental Health, MA in Psychology

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Finding a psychiatrist who truly understands and listens is rare. Dr. yanka PriKalra is that rare find. My journey with anxiety has been so much easier with her by my side

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Going to Dr. Priyanka kalra was one of the best decision I took. I have been suffering from depression from past 10 years and have visited more than 8 doctors in the past. But after visiting her, I found peace first time in my life. She provides step by step therapy which helped me finding the right answers and reduce stress in my life. I don’t feel sleepy all the time and can work efficiently.

Brijesh Gupta

I have a 5 year old child who suffers from mild autism. Dr. Priyanka Kalra is the best doctor of autism in Ludhiana. Before visiting her, I went to many doctors and many centres but could not get proper evaluation of my child and kept moving from place to place. Now I am getting proper treatment with guidance from her . Many problems have been tackled and feel that there are many resources which were unknown to me that are freely available on the internet. With her, I am able to take small tasks up myself and check the progress of my child.

Pallavi Narang

I have a 19 year old son who suffers from bipolar disorder. He has regular problems of mood swings , sleep problems, getting tensed , sometimes shouting. 4 months back , I started his treatment from Dr Priyanka Kalra. Since then , he has been doing very good , especially in his college. He participates in a lot of extra activities and is pursuing his dream of singing. I would like to thank her for support she is providing to family.

Ashima Sharma