Best Psychiatrist in Ludhiana

We often come across situations and challenges in life which leave us feeling stressed, overwhelmed and anxious. And it is necessary to manage these emotions and feelings, so that they do not escalate any further.

It is natural to feel stressed or anxious following traumatic events in life. There are healthy ways which can help you cope more easily with such stressful moments and emotions.

Here are some healthy ways that can help you handle stress and anxiety:

Often during these stressful times, we tend to not take care of ourselves. Hence, taking care of self becomes an important healthy coping mechanism which can be employed to feel better. This includes regular exercising, eating healthy meal and proper rest.

Indulging in activities such as stretching, yoga and mindfulness helps you relax. Also, try to have healthy, well-balanced diets. Proper rest and sleep are also necessary. Spend time with your loved ones. Regular exercising helps your body relax too, which ultimately helps keep your mind relaxed.

We tend to have hobbies such as knitting, gardening or coloring and pursuing them helps us calm down and relax.

Drugs and alcohol seem to help you relax, but later on produce unfavorable consequences for your body. Hence, try to avoid their usage when stressed. 

 Conversing with other people helps most of us feel relaxed, as we feel better after sharing our emotions or feelings with other people. You can talk with a family member, a friend, doctor or a counsellor about your problem and how you are feeling and coping with the problem.

Best Psychiatrist in Ludhiana

 If you feel that you are unable to handle your stress and it makes you feel too overwhelmed or you get suicidal thoughts, please seek professional help and talk to a psychologist or professional counsellor.