Discover the intricate relationship between anxiety and memory, and how it can impact your daily life. Dr. Priyanka Kalra, a renowned psychiatrist, counselling expert, and anxiety specialist in Ludhiana, sheds light on the subject. Gain valuable insights into the effects of stress and depression on memory and explore potential solutions.

How Anxiety Affects Memory

The Impact of Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) on Memory Learn about the harmful effects of GAD, a condition that can significantly disrupt your brain and nervous system. Dr. Priyanka Kalra explains how chronic anxiety associated with GAD can impair your memory and make you more prone to worry.

Understanding Memory Systems Explore the different memory systems in the human brain and how they function. Discover the importance of long-term memory and working memory in recalling information and performing tasks. Dr. Priyanka Kalra emphasizes the role of working memory in problem-solving and managing day-to-day activities.

Memory Challenges Related to Anxiety

Working Memory Impairment Discover how anxiety can adversely affect your working memory. Dr. Priyanka Kalra highlights the impact of GAD on your ability to retain information, leading to mistakes and forgetfulness. Learn how this can impact your work performance and daily routine.

Common Memory Problems Experienced with GAD Dr. Priyanka Kalra discusses various memory difficulties frequently encountered by individuals with GAD. These may include forgetting where you parked your vehicle, regularly misplacing important items like smartphones, struggling to remember grocery items, and having difficulty recalling past information.

Research Insights and Treatment Options

The Link between Anxiety and Working Memory Explore research studies that establish a connection between anxiety and working memory. Understand how heightened stress levels and worry associated with GAD can significantly impair your cognitive abilities. Dr. Priyanka Kalra shares valuable findings and insights.

Seeking Help from a Psychiatrist If you experience symptoms of anxiety-related memory problems, consider consulting Dr. Priyanka Kalra, a trusted psychiatrist in Ludhiana. Discover how she can assess your condition accurately and provide appropriate treatment options to address your concerns effectively.

By understanding the relationship between memory and anxiety, you can gain insight into the impact of GAD on your cognitive abilities. Dr. Priyanka Kalra, a renowned psychiatrist, counselling expert, and anxiety specialist, offers guidance on managing stress, depression, and memory challenges. Take the first step toward improved mental well-being by seeking professional help and exploring effective treatment options.