Press Releases

1. Community outreach camp at Malerkotla

In order to create awareness about mental health, an outreach camp was held at Malerkotla. The idea was to reach out to maximum people, provide a free mental health check up.

2. Radio talk

I had an opportunity to discuss “Childhood Mental Illnesses” ON FM gold 100.1. A talk received very warmly by listeners. It is an attempt to create awareness regarding various disorders that affect early childhood and affect the development of child. The talk ranged from awareness on signs and symptoms, to disorders like Autism, ADHD, SLD.. and their management. Hope it reaches out and helps those in need!

3. Camp at Deep Hospital

Mental Illnesses have a stigma attached to them. Unless we work on creating awareness, we will not be able to fight the stigma. Outreach free check camps help in bringing the patient’s forth, allows them to discuss their problems without any worry. Deep Hospital being centrally located, helped to cater to many patients, on free check up camp held on 15th FEB 2016.

4. Workshop on Time Management in Govt Senior Secondary School Ambedkar Nagar

School is a place where we learn so much from books. School is also a place where students learn skills that are so important in life. One of them is Time management. The idea was to reach out to students and have a workshop on Time Management, so that they can use this skill in planning studies, appearing in exams and also equip themselves with this skill for future use.

5. A talk on women mental health

The Department of Physical Education of Ramgarhia Girls College organised an Extension Lecture wherein Dr Priyanka Kalra, Consultant Psychiatrist from Deep Hospital, Ludhiana, delivered a talk on the topic “Mental Health of Women.” The Principal of the college, Dr Inderjit Kaur, accorded her a cordial welcome. Dr Rippandeep Kaur, Vice Principal; Mrs Rajeshwar Pal Kaur, HOD, Physical Education and Ms Jasvir Kaur Gill, Asst. Prof. of Physical Education, presented a bouquet of flowers to the speaker.

6. World Autism Awareness Day

This World Autism Awareness Day, I ran an online campaign to create awareness on World Autism Awareness Day. Autism, a neurodevelopmental disorder, if caught early, can help parents and affected children in a big way. I created autism awareness topics in English Hindi and Punjabi, for easy read, on Autism. Will continue my efforts in this regard.

7. A talk on Darpan, an Image of Innocence

Art that speaks more than a thousand words. Felt proud to receive a beautiful art piece made by a child with autism. I had gone to give a lecture on awareness of Autism and its treatment while working with ‘Darpan An image of innocence’. However, I learnt an important lesson myself, that “Through art, they express who find expressing themselves difficult.”

8. A talk on selfie addiction , LPF

On 17th August 2016, esteemed members of Ludhiana Psychiatric forum got together and I was privileged to deliver a lecture on “Selfie Addiction”. The session was an interactive one. We discussed the origin of the term. I talked about ‘relfie’ and ‘usie’. I also discussed its relation to anxiety, depression and narcicissm. Salient points from the meeting and discussion are mentioned below:
-Taking selfie in itself is not a bad idea
-Watch out if it causes dysfunction in family and interferes with work
-Be safe while clicking a selfie
-Always remember, excess of everything is bad

9. Radio talk on positive parenting

FM Gold 100.1 provided another opportunity to help in reaching out to listeners. This time the topic was A talk on Positive Parenting. The talk dealth with talking about different styles of parenting, what is positive parenting, the problems parents face in handling children. Parents were advised not to punish their children but talk to them logically and use behaviour therapy techniques to deal with the problems that children have!

10. Teacher Training Workshop on School Mental Health Malerkotla

A Teacher training workshop was held at Oasis Public School, Malerkotla. This workshop aimed at raising awareness among teachers, about the various mental health disorders that can occur in childhood. The idea was to empower them to Identify children with suspected mental health disorders. After identification, Management tips were also discussed. It was an interactive workshop where doubts were discussed and clarified.