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Psychiatric disorder is common in many Neurological disorder including Epilepsy, Migraine, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, and stroke. These co morbidities increase disease burden and may complicate the treatment of the combined disorders. Initial Studies of the co morbidity of Psychiatric and Neurological disorders.

The Reality of the Psychiatry – neurology distinction refers to the soundness of its theoretical basis. This might be best summarized by the following rule:

If a disorder in question is reliably associated with a recognizable pathological process affecting the Central Nervous System, then it is neurological.

If we take Schizophrenia there is ample evidence of quantitative regional change in the (Central nervous system). Thanks to the widespread use of structural magnetic resonance imaging, but only insofar as this is detectable at the group level against a control group and according to some more or less arbitrary statistical threshold. The same can be said of affective disorder but at rather lower statically threshold.

A study found that reduced gray matter in both anterior cingulated and insula-cortices to be common across all disorders. Concluding these, areas could represent a ” Shared neural substrate for mental illness. It is interesting to note that the insula in this study was also

found to be a key psychiatric region, whereas it came out as associated with neurological disease. This ambiguity is perhaps not surprising given the large body of evidence with emotion processing, motor function and a true interface between mind and body- interception.

Neuro psychiatrist near me