Best psychologist in Ludhiana

Choosing a provider is an individual personal choice some individual may choose to see a psychiatrist some choose psychologist & some both.

The type of mental health professional you see will depend on a variety of factors, from the severity of your illness to your depression treatment preferences.

For severe depression, a psychiatrist will be able to rule out any other medical condition & prescribe medication that can be fine tuned to your specific needs .

However if you’re going through a difficult time & you want to work on better understanding your thoughts & behavioral psychologist can help you work on issues on an ongoing basis . In some case both seeing both is helpful with psychologist offering regular therapy sessions. While psychiatrist manages medications. Which ever specialist you choose . Seeing a psychiatrist can provide clarity, assess your physical health & improve the overall quality of your life

Psychologist can relieve a acute depression but psychiatrist can give a proper medication.

Psychologist treatment is mostly long term . In the beginning the depressing patient need medication for stability. So that it become easy to provide psychotherapy.

Psychiatrist perform a variety of treatments including talk therapy & psycho social interventions.

So, at the end you have to choose psychiatrist for depression because they provide you some medication like antidepressant & mood stabilizers after one week you become  completely able to have psychotherapy.

Best psychologist in Ludhiana