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BVM School

Empowering Educators 🌟📚 Recently, we had the privilege of conducting a workshop at BVM School for our dedicated teachers on effective strategies for handling behavior issues in children. Gratitude to our passionate educators for their active participation and commitment to creating a positive and nurturing learning environment. Together, we’re shaping the future with care and understanding. 💙

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PEKS World

“Gratitude in Every Note 🌟🙏 A heartfelt thank you to our esteemed preschool principal Mrs. Navita Puri PEKS World ) and the supportive parents for joining us at our recent workshop. Your presence added immense value to the event, fostering a collaborative spirit between home and school. Together, we’re building a foundation for the success and well-being of our kids. ✨🏫

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Indus World School Ludhiana

Important Issues that were addressed were
1. Mega tips for handling tantrums
2. Screen Time: How much is too much
3. Picky and Fussy eating: how to focus on nutrition for your young child

The workshop was very well received and parents’ queries were answered!

Uc Kindies Ludhiana

Conducted a workshop on “PARENTING IN DIGITAL AGE”

Sarabha Nagar , Ludhiana

Panjab University Regional Center Ludhiana

Glimpses from the interactive session at the Orientation for Law students on importance of mental health at PURC, Ludhiana.
Students had the most interesting and relevant questions to ask
1. How to maintain work life balance ?
2. How to increase our EQ?
3. If a friend needs help, how do we bring them to meet a psychiatrist?
4. Is sadness same as depression?
5. What is the government doing for mental health ?
A great audience discussing important core issues like #depression , #selfharm, how to prevent #suicide , #internetaddiction .
And how to take #counselling sessions from #psychologist, what is #CBT.
A hands on workshop with wholehearted participation from students and teachers !
Panjab University Regional Center Ludhiana
deepest gratitude for the invite !

DAV Public School Ludhiana

Extremely grateful to Respected Jaswinder Kaur Sidhu Ma’am for inviting me to DAV Public School

My talk on “ Navigating Big Emotions : Fostering Emotional Resilience and Teaching coping skills “ Was very well received by an interactive audience from class 9-12.

It was a hands on workshop in which many students asked questions

1. How do I control my #anger ?
2. Are #panicattacks real
3. How do I deal with #stress ?

SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING Forms a big part of our curriculum. Readying for NEP!!

And upskilling our mental health..

KVM School Ludhiana

Our workshop on Antibullying in KVM School Ludhiana was attended by 800+ students. It was an interactive session.
We talked about overt and covert bullying
Interesting conversations on reforming the bully and the role the Antibullying squad can play in the school for defending the victim and preventing bullying from happening again.

Indo American Montessori Pre School Ludhiana

Baba Isher Singh Public School ludhiana


Workshop held at Baba Isher Singh school by Global Child Wellness Centre team on the topic:

Handling Behaviour problems of children in class

Dainik Bhaskar Ludhiana

Teenagers and elders are becoming victims of smiling depression, so that their anxiety and stress are not visible to others, they are resorting to fake laughter.

Along with physical health, mental health is also becoming a big issue. Earlier, mental health was completely ignored. At the same time, the habit of not showing one’s mental health, worries and stress is also increasing rapidly. The result of this is that today not only working people and elderly people but even teenagers are suffering from smiling depression. Smiling depression is such a depression in which everyone tries to look happy and stress-free on the face but inside they are victims of negative thoughts, stress, anxiety, and depression. Not only this, this depression increases so much that sometimes the affected person even takes drastic steps like suicide. According to experts, this depression has increased a lot and along with its early identification, proper treatment is also necessary.

Read more: Dainik Bhaskar Ludhiana

Govt College For Girl Ludhiana

Appreciation Letter for conducting Seminar on World Mental Health Day.

Govt College For Girl Ludhiana

Gujranwala Guru Nanak Public school

Gratitude fills our hearts for being part of the wonderful workshop at Gujranwala Guru Nanak Public School, on the topic of:
Handling Emotions and Behavioural Issues

Where we explore these issues with our future leaders.🧑🏻‍🎓 It’s an incredible experience to be part of shaping young minds and helping them grow into resilient, empathetic individuals.

Ludhiana Kesari

Dr priyanka kalra

The Learning Station Play School for parents was done as an orientation program 

Sunshine World Playway School

Successfully conducted a Parenting workshop at Sunshine World Playway School

Around 100 enthusiastic parents participated in the workshop.

The hands-on training and role plays were very well appreciated as parents learn skills to use effective communication for their children

Kid'Zone Playstation

Our recent parenting workshop held in Kid’Zone Playstation was a joyful exploration of effective parenting techniques. With laughter, shared experiences, and learning, We discovered new ways to nurture and support our little ones. Thanks to all the amazing parents who made it a day to remember! 🚀💕

District Special Olympics Association ,Ludhiana

Invitation for State Special Olympics games in Ludhiana