Driving Lessons

Drive a car and you’ll know. Assuming you have taken basic driving lessons

1. The car is parked. The sun is bright and shiny, a good day has begun.You say a little prayer and start the car, going through every small step in your mind. ABC, the driving school had taught you well. Press the clutch, shift the gear and step on the race, slowwwwwwly, yah that’s right, slowly. Okay..okay, good, that’s good to go. But you keep the race between 20-30km/hr. Be cautious. Go slow. screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech! The cycle wala, doesn’t mind his lane, why does he have to cut such a big circle and come right in front of my car. They do it on purpose, they see a female driving a car, and they want to trouble them and shout.
2. It’s a narrow lane, I am driving slowly, and a lady walking in front of me is walking at a snail’s pace. I blow a horn politely to make way for myself. She ignores it. Horn blows a little louder, she still doesn’t seem to pay heed. I blow horn again, this time, good and proper; she doesn’t give me way, she turns around and stares at me, as if I have violated her modesty in some manner. Oh Good Lady.. please don’t turn around and give me dirty stares when I am honking a horn. Horn means “excuse me, please get out of my way”, just that it’s a loud way of saying it. Got nothing against you dear lady, please don’t stare and stall me further.
3. Driving on a highway, 60kmph, odd 75 metres behind SUV driving at the same speed. Suddenly the SUV decides to slow down and take a right turn, and I have to come to a sudden halt and my mind screams….‘Indicator dene mein kya jaayega??” Really, what harm will come if you give an indicator in advance? Is it some power struggle, some sadistic pleasure the driver receives, by accidentally duping the following driver on purpose?
4. The right lane is for the fast moving vehicles. Oh yes it is, but I guess when the uncleji doing household errands on his 2 wheeler, he forgets to remember this fact. So the entire lane is at 70kmph, but you have to go at 30, as the uncleji won’t shift into his righteous lane and would make you move at a glacial pace. Uncleji, really what do you want in life? Apni lane mein chalaoge to kya jayega? Is it some lesson you want to teach this generation by leading the way and forcing the followers to see things at your pace?
5. It’s a nice road, broad enough, smooth traffic, no problems as such. However, there’s this car, the driver has somehow taken fancy with the dividing line on the road, and wants that line to pass right through the middle, underneath his car. You can’t overtake him through the right (which is the right way) as he won’t leave enough space and there’s hardly any space from the left. The confused driver: The dude is probably fixated at anal stage. Story of his life, he can’t make up his mind to go this way or that way. Caught up in his own dilemma, he is oblivious to the inconvenience he is causing the followers.
I am sure the list doesn’t end here. #drivingishard