Anxiety is a feeling of worry , fear and unease in the body and mind. It can be in form on abnormal heartbeat, sweating, fast breathing, dizziness or panic attack. It is like a bucket of water, if we keep adding water(stressors)to it, it ll overflow.

Proper treatment and regular counselling sessions with anxiety reducing exercises gives excellent results. At our clinic , CBT helps patients to identify the triggers and your thoughts and how you can cope with your emotions and feelings when you feel anxious.

Adults can have

  • 1. General Anxiety :Sometimes every day tasks and relationships makes us anxious
  • 2. Panic Attacks : Shortness of breath , fast heartbeat ,feeling faint are its symptoms. They can be related to an event or a trigger
  • 3. Post traumatic Stress Disorder : If you have experienced a recent traumatic event or lost a loved one, you can live in the fear again and again
  • 4. Phobia : An intense fear which seems dangerous or threatening can invoke a phobia. Social anxiety ie performing in front of people is 1 such example

Children can have

  • 1. Separation anxiety : When a child is separated from a parent or a care giver. A child with separation anxiety may experience physical symptoms (such as headaches and tummy pain) at the mere thought of being away from a parent.
  • 2. General anxiety : Like adults , children also get anxious but are unable to tell. It is generally in form of nightmares, lack of confidence, lack of concentration or loss of appetite